Attention all Seniors! We celebrate all of our high school seniors at The SCEGA California Classic. We love to highlight your accomplishments and years of dedication, you are a true inspiration to everyone around you. You are a mentor and role model for the many young gymnasts that are coming behind you. Congratulations!

To honor you we do a few things:

1 – You will be recognized during your awards ceremony.

2 – You will receive a personalized senior banner (only if you submit a photo).

So, make sure you fill out the Senior Recognition Form and submit your photo. Our goal is to recognize 100% of our 2020 Seniors.


Please fill out and email back the completed Senior form to:


Photo’s can be submitted here: – For Senior Banners we are asking for a photo of each Senior (front view please). Please send a photo under 20MB in (jpg, bmp, tiff, gif, png, pdf). Photo can be in college gear if committed or gym gear. Please include athlete’s full name and club they are from so we can make sure we know who is who.